A professional approach to job search

Job search is not just applying for jobs and expecting to get called for an interview any more. Some people just put an application, get an interview, and get a job in today’s competitive, network-driven job market. Let’s discuss a variety of strategies to select in their targeted companies. A successful job search always needs a strategy: Identify skills &…

How to Become A Content Marketer?

The marketing industry is changing very rapidly. It has inflated from print advertising and signage to encompass radio and spots TV, sponsored quizzes and branded social media accounts. Marketers realized that interrupting people doesn’t make them like us more,” he said. “I think brands have really latched onto one idea: We really need to make things that people like if…

How to plan your next career move

Spend meaningful time creating an actionable plan for your next career move and you can trade the treadmill to nowhere for fulfillment… Know Your Values. … List Your Transferable Skills. … Define Your Leadership Signature Strengths. … Discover Your Future Pull. … Start a ‘Company Watch List’ … Start a ‘Network List’ … Try It On.