How to Become A Content Marketer?

The marketing industry is changing very rapidly. It has inflated from print advertising and signage to encompass radio and spots TV, sponsored quizzes and branded social media accounts.
Marketers realized that interrupting people doesn’t make them like us more,” he said. “I think brands have really latched onto one idea: We really need to make things that people like if we want to earn their time and attention.
Hence the growth of content marketing has termed as “permission marketing”. This is a kind of demand of marketing people don’t just grudgingly accept, but actively permit into their lives. It aims not very near to boost brand awareness, but also to educate and entertain clients, forging lasting relationships with them.

Skills to conquer to become a content marketer:
You Have a Passionate Voice
You Have the Eye of an Editor
And the Heart of an Empathizer
You are a Ruthless Researcher
You Understand SEO & Inbound
You’re a Social Media Superstar
You’re Not Afraid of Analytics

Ways to start your content-marketing-career :
Start by building your writing skills
Learn from the experts
Develop your tech skills
Get creative
Brush up your research skills
Spruce up your personal brand
Enroll in courses that help you succeed