Do Not Derail Your Career

People assume that keeping their head down and getting your job done is enough, is that only part of the job? But, you need to maintain a relationship with your co-workers.
In your workplace, you are not only representing yourself, but you’re a walking/talking advertisement for your company’s brand. Hence, if you are not dressed up properly, and/or during a fire, you are sending a message that you’re not serious about yourself, your professional goals or your company seriously.

Take the initiation to get things done instead of waiting for an opportunity.

Common Mistakes You Do:
You are ignoring your network.
Don’t miss opportunities.
You are overlooking the social aspects of work.
You are not learning from your mistakes.
Falling apart under stress
Poor body language.
Inability to see the big picture.
You are making unreasonable demands on your boss.
You are ignoring generally-accepted office behaviours.
You are refusing to admit that you don’t know how to do something.
Lack of manners.

To recover when your career gets derailed:
Take your own time
Take a chance to rectify
Redefine resilience
Pass it on