A professional approach to job search

Job search is not just applying for jobs and expecting to get called for an interview any more. Some people just put an application, get an interview, and get a job in today’s competitive, network-driven job market. Let’s discuss a variety of strategies to select in their targeted companies.
A successful job search always needs a strategy:

  • Identify skills & Interests.
  • Develop a master resume.
  • Use online job portals to find a job.
  • Job search where companies are hiring.
  • Make sure companies can find you.
  • Use Your Network.
  • Fine-tuning online presence.
  • Don’t confused and be organized.
  • Follow up after the Interview.
  • Salary Negotiations.

Casual doesn’t mean unprofessional for a few companies. You need to figure out before your interview. After you get the job, you can tailor your communications and behavior to fit the job and your new employer. Meanwhile, keeping it professional is the best way to go.